Social housing • Ramponeau

Sébastien Duron - 2009

For this project we wanted to organize a planning strategy in an enclosed plot with strong urban rules.
We proposed a kind of matrix, organizing the ground in mini-areas of 7mx7m. Those areas were dedicated to constructions and to public gardens. More than buildings it was the empty spaces which were highlighted and became the project variable.
Our plan operated in a binary way, associating 2 scales, 2 types and 2 themes in the same matrix. Houses were neutral and uniform ; gardens were heterogeneous and remarkable.

My role

  • Architectural designer
  • Concept & Design
  • Drawings & Plans
  • Graphic productions


  • Phase : Competition
  • Localisation : Paris, France
  • Surface area : 3 000 m²
  • Budget : 4.7M€