Performing Arts Theatre • Christchurch

Architectus - 2017

During my stay in New Zealand I was mandated by Architectus to design a Performing Arts Theatre in Christchurch (which has been destroyed by an earthquake in 2011).

The city of Christchurch has planed to rebuild the old theatres in a new precinct right at the centre of the destroyed city. Our client wanted to propose to the city council to make space for a new type of theatre, Andromeda, a performing arts theatre, mainly focused on promoting new artists and new art companies.

We proposed a new vision for the precinct, integrating the Andromeda Theatre, and creating a big urban space, a plaza, in the center of the precinct, becoming the outdoor stage for shows and the heart of the new neighbourhood.

My role

  • Project architect
  • Concept & Design
  • Drawing & Plans
  • 3D & Renderings
  • Graphic production


  • Phase : Competition
  • Location : Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Surface area : 2 500 m²