ABA booth • Dermalogica

TUX creative - 2016

**GRAND PRIX DU DESIGN – 10th edition**

Our mission for Dermalogica was the creation of a booth for ABA Beauty Exhibition, an event presented every year in Montreal. With few financial ressources we wanted to design a noteworthy booth within a very impersonal and homogeneous space (the hall of the exhibition).
We used paper, as a practical and available medium, with the aim of making an elegant and poetic ceiling.
This floating object attracted customers and delicately underlined the skin care products of Dermalogica brand.


My role

  • Project architect
  • Concept & Design
  • Request for estimates
  • Suppliers management
  • Site supervision


  • Phase : Built in 2016
  • Location : Montreal, Canada


  • Sarah Tu / Laurent Guez